St. Edward Bulletin, June 9, Pentecost Sunday

St. Edward Bulletin, June 9, Pentecost Sunday

From The Font

“And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit…”

But what does that mean? Is being filled with the Holy Spirit always associated with praying in tongues or preaching the Gospel or doing something miraculous?

Surprisingly, no! When the Bible says someone is “filled with the Holy Spirit,” it almost always means they are about to do or say something truthful. Sometimes, they’re going to say something controversial. Sometimes, they’re going to speak definitively on a potentially confusing subject. Whatever happens, though, it’s like when Jesus begins a sentence with “Amen, amen, I say to you,” you can bet it’s something to pay attention to…

It’s important to remember that the phrases “the Spirit,” the Spirit of God,” “The Holy Spirit,” and when Jesus says “my Spirit” are spread across the entire Bible. The “Spirit of God” “over the Waters” and “the Spirit” “says to the Church” are not theologically precise terms. More than 1500 years separate the book of Job (the oldest book of the Bible) and Revelation (the newest). Most of the Old Testament is in Hebrew while most of the New Testament is in Greek. “Ruach” and “Neumata” both mean “Spirit,” but are attached to their own languages and they have their own theological and philosophical nuances. Jesus revealed a lot about Himself, about the Father and about the Holy Spirit, but the Church has spent 20 centuries clarifying and trying to pick the very best language to talk about the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to talk about the Holy Spirit clearly at all precisely because the Holy Spirit IS the mysteriousness of God. Even where God says something about Himself which is quite clear (e.g. “God is faithful to Himself”) there’s more mystery than clarity and nowhere is that more pronounced than with the Holy Spirit. That’s not a bad thing and it’s not a problem to be solved, it’s the way God has chosen to reveal Himself.

And so, what does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit in the Bible? Well, it’s a mystery. The Holy Spirit dwells in the one who prays, repents of his sin and seeks the Lord. For St. Francis that looks one way and for St. John Paul it looks another… There’s only one way to find out how it looks for you or for me...

Thoughts from Fr. Ryan

Pentecost is one of my favorite days in the Church. When I was graduating High School in 1997, Pope John Paul did something unexpected. He called for a meeting of all Catholics who were “charismatic” - that is who prayed in tongues and sought the supernatural “charisms” spoken of in scripture. He asked these Charismatic Catholics to join him in St. Peter’s Square on Pentecost Sunday for prayer.

It was one of the first times that this group had been given any attention and, although I couldn’t be there, it made me love Pope John Paul. I found my faith in being Charismatic. I prayed in tongues and experienced some really intense moments. I heard a young woman who was a truly terrible - I mean TERRIBLE singer - chant like an angel for half an hour in a chapel at LSU-A near Alexandria. I remember kneeling in prayer and hearing words clear as day in my mind that I knew - I KNEW - I was supposed to say to that person across the chapel that I had never met. When I mustered my courage and went over to say those words to that person, they burst into tears. They were the same words that their recently deceased father said to them years before. Over and over again, I experienced supernatural moments by listening to and trusting in the Holy Spirit in a moment of intense prayer. And yes, I prayed in tongues. It was a remarkable moment and I have no doubt that God used those moments.

In the past decade or so, I have felt strongly in prayer that the Lord wanted me doing something different. I have felt strongly that the Lord wants me to be more reverent and more traditional in the way that I pray and the way that I offer Mass. And, like when I was very charismatic, the more that I have obeyed that request with courage, the more I have been witness to God’s working through those moments. Where I have been more cautious or less bold, I have seen less of God at work in my life.

I’m certainly not the first person I know to experience this transition from very charismatic to very traditional. In fact, I’ve seen it over and over again. As you can imagine, I’ve given it lots of thought and asked the Lord why. After all, I liked being charismatic. But, as Tennyson wrote, “mine is not to reason why.”

Of course, the Church, Herself, is charismatic. The supernatural is at work in Her all the time. The Church speaks all the languages of the world. The Church experiences the supernatural daily through Her exorcists, Her Sacraments and most poignantly, the Holy Mass. The Church, too, over time has transitioned from a youthful, intensely supernatural body to a more formal, ritual and structured body. In the 1960s, that transition was looked upon as a failing, just as I fretted my own transition from charismatic toward traditional in my late 20s. But as we trust in the Holy Spirit rather than in our own wisdom, we begin to see and understand that it’s not by accident that things changed.

The Lord desires more abundance for us than we may want even for ourselves. But we can never go wrong trusting in Him. Never ever.

Calendar of Events

  • Confessions every Fri & Sat from 5p until Mass at 5:30p and on Sun from 9a until 9:30a Mass
  • Pastoral Council meeting monthly on the third Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass
  • Sunday Morning Catechism in the Hall after the 9:30a Mass unless otherwise indicated

  • June 23 Second Quarter Potluck Social following 9:30 a.m. Mass in Church Hall. Plan to attend.

For Your Information:

As mentioned, from June through September, Fr. Peter K will be out of the country and Fr. Ryan will have all the Masses at both of his Churches as well as here at St. Edward. That schedule will be:

  • Sat. 4pm - Waterproof
  • Sat. 6pm - Tallulah
  • Sun. 9am - Tallulah
  • Sun. 11:00am - St. Joseph

ALTAR CANDLES… Anyone wishing to provide candles for the altar in honor of their loved one or in prayer for some intention may do so simply by asking. A small donation is recommended, but not required. A list of dates is in the sacristy and a date can be reserved up to one year in advance.

SECOND QUARTER POTLUCK SOCIAL … June 23 following 9:30 a.m. Mass. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. The "eating time" will be earlier than usual - more like breakfast/brunch -- due to the earlier Mass schedule so you may want to consider that in planning the food that you personally plan to prepare and bring. Second Quarter (April, May, June) Social Committee - Pat and Libby Bullard, Elizabeth Crothers, Angel Farlow, Margaret and Pat Gilfoil, MaryAnne Gilfoil, Terry and Andy Hall, Isabell Hernandez, Ann Keene, Andy Nguyen, Bobby Reynolds, Jim and Frances Roemer, Joe Storey, Delia Trichell, and Cathy VanderVieren

PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN… parish volunteers must be VIRTUS trained and go on line regularly at for the latest training bulletins. Any questions or issues can be reported to the office. Printed resources are available on the table at the entrance to the Church.

  • “Protecting our Children, Understanding and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse” includes Resources and Contact Numbers for reporting abuse.
  • Protecting God’s Children, Teaching Touching Safety Quick Reference Guide”

The Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Minors and The Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Priests, Deacons, Pastoral Ministers, Administrators, Staff, and Volunteers are available in the Safe Environment section of the diocesan website at or a copy may be requested from the Safe Environment Office (318) 445-2401.

PLEDGE TO HEAL...If you or a family member has been abused or victimized by a representative of the Catholic church or a member of the clergy, please believe in the possibility for hope and help and healing. Dr. Lee Kneipp, Clinical Psychologist, Victim Assistance Coordinator, Diocese of Alexandria encourages those persons to come forward and speak out. Dr. Kneipp is establishing support groups in the central Louisiana area for victims and family members. The focus of these groups is to further emotional and spiritual healing as an adjunct to therapy, in an atmosphere of others who understand the pain, betrayal, and fear associated with abuse. Dr. Kneipp can be reached at 318-542-9805. All calls are confidential.

Our Return to the Lord

  • Weekly Budget FY 2018-19 $1,917
  • May Budget $7,668
  • May Income $6,837
  • June Budget $9,585
  • Collection June 1/2 $1,174
  • June Income to Date $1,174

Stewardship One miracle of Pentecost was that, despite their diversity, each listener heard God’s word in his or her own language. The meaning for stewardship is that, by sharing the gifts poured out on us by the Holy Spirit, we will be empowered to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters, whatever they may be.

Mass Schedule & Intentions for the Coming Week

  • Sat 6:00p In memory of Matt Farlow/R Scott
  • Sun 9:00a Pro Populo for the Living & Deceased members of our Parish
  • Mon NO MASS
  • Tue 5:30p In memory of Inez DeMoss/family
  • Wed 5:30p In memory of Rosa Gremshell
  • Thu 9:00a In memory of C.B. DeMoss/family (Legacy Nursing Home)
  • Fri 5:30p In memory of Becky Lancaster/Vedros
  • Sat 6:00p In memory of Father Ferre/Magoun and Thomas Trichell/family
  • Sun 9:00a Pro Populo for the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family

ALTAR CANDLES this week are burning for the special intention of Margo Corulla

Assistants at Holy Mass

  • 6/8 6:00p
    • Lector: L Bullard
    • EMHCs: A Farlow & MA Gilfoil
  • 6/9 9:00a
    • Servers: C Marsh & C Wood
    • Lector: B Sullivan
    • EMHCs: N & M Ernst
  • 6/15 6:00p
    • Lector: M Rome
    • EMHCs: P & M Gilfoil
  • 6/16 9:00a
    • Servers: W Sullivan & M Wood
    • Lector: Carter & Henry
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins
  • 6/22 6:00p
    • Lector: P Wilks
    • EMHCs: L Bullard & L Magoun
  • 6/23 9:00a
    • Servers: P Collins & H Ellerbee
    • Lector: D Ellerbee
    • EMHCs: N & M Ernst

Let us Rejoice in the Lord!

Happy Birthday Billy Marsh (June 8), MaryKathryn Book (June 13), Emily Ginn (June 14), Connie Copes (June 15), Margaret Gilfoil (June 16)

In Our Daily Prayers…

Our Holy Father Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI; Archbishop Aymond and our Diocesan leaders, our President, Governor, Mayor and national, state and local elected representatives

Our parishioners who are sick, shut-in, or otherwise in need of our prayers: Pat Bullard, Connie Copes, Elizabeth Crothers, Susan Gilfoil, Josephine Hodge, Bill Kennedy, Dale & Louise Magoun, Ed Mills, Kathleen Mills, Sue & Mike Rome and Delia Trichell

Those under full-time care: Frances Kennedy, Sue Scurria, Jim Farrell of Vicksburg, Sharon Hansen of Gonzales, Consuelo Marsh of Lake Providence, Jean Cantrell, Marie Cedotal, Geneva Russell

Our friends and relatives who need our prayers: Lee Adams (Smith), Ashley Weimer Alexander (Regan), Pam Amacker (Gilfoil), Jenna Faye Allen (Florence), Margaret Baker (Magoun), Marie Farlow Bellard, Hattie Brown (Lancaster), Jerry Bullard, Colton Bullock (Farlow), Richard Chappuis (Johnson), Kay Collins, Karen Cobb, Jackie Daniels (Lancaster), Carol Dipert (Rome), Carole Ducote (Lancaster), Joe Farlow, Mike Farlow, Thom Gilfoil, Charlotte Green, Kathy Garley Hanlon (Gilfoil), Cooper Harris (R Wood), Bo Holloway, Diane Johnson (Johnson), Jeannie Kivett, Ben Lenhart (G Marsh), LaLa Lopez (Hernandez), Michelle McGuire (Gilfoil), Mathieu family in Delhi (Wilks), Tobie McKowen (Wilks), Keith Melancon (Regan), Tucker Melancon (Johnson), Lindsay Mills, Thomas Joseph O’Dowd (Army Ranger/Italy/M Scurria O’Dowd), Debbie Pettis (Rome), Sam and Betty Phillips (Hodge), Wayne Pitre (Gilfoil), Lee and Tiffney Rome, Dianne W. Roper (Murphy), Linda Sanchez (Wilks), Walter Scott, Andy Sevier, Spencer and Mary Sevier, Beverly Sibile (Gilfoil), Theresa Thom (Rome), Elaine and James Trimble (Rome), Adam Triplett (Reynolds), Teresa Vidrine (Wilks), Conner and Hudson Wood (nephews of Bart)

Our collegiates: Norman Ernst, Anna Ginn, Josh Hall, Chris Hall (USMC), Matt Hall (USArmy), Nick Hall, Kathleen Oliver, Maddie Oliver, Bailey Rome, Blake Sullivan, Lori Sullivan, Brice Wood

Those Catholics residing at Christian Acres, Louisiana Transitional Center for Women, and our local Detention Centers and for their families and loved ones.