St. Edward Bulletin, May 12, The Fourth Sunday of Easter

St. Edward Bulletin, May 12, The Fourth Sunday of Easter

From The Font

“My sheep hear my voice… I know them, and they follow me… No one can take them out of my hand…”

One of the most sinister and outright false things which too many people believe is that Heaven is easy to get into. Even some bishops teach this wrongly saying that basically everyone goes to Heaven. That’s despite the frequent references Jesus, Himself, makes to hell and the people who suffer there and the constant references that Our Lady has made at Lourdes, Fatima, Akita and elsewhere to the “many” who will go to Hell in our time. Hell is incredibly real and Heaven is anything but automatic.

BUT how do we understand passages like today’s Gospel? We all know that there are plenty of people who take their faith seriously and pray and go to Holy Communion and make a frequent confession who have then left the Church or gotten caught up in some serious sin and found themselves at a distance from the Lord… If no one can take them out of His hand, then how can they manifestly be out of His hand?

The answer is easy enough. Jesus asks this question several times and so does St. Paul. In Romans, Paul asks several times, what can separate us from the Lord?

The answer is that I can separate myself from the Lord by sin. No one and nothing can remove us from the Love of God. No one and nothing can hurt us in this life or the next so long as we keep our attention on the Lord. But as soon as I prioritize myself over the Lord, I find myself at a distance from him.

This is why confession is such a big deal. It gives us a chance to acknowledge God’s faithfulness in spite of our own (possibly well meaning) unfaithfulness. It also gives us a chance to know with assurance that God wants us to be with him (“in his hand” so to speak) and that He’s willing to take us back if we’re willing to ask to be taken back.

As Jesus explains using food as a metaphor - nothing that comes from the outside can hard - it simply passes through the body and out into the latrine. Only what comes from within has the power to harm us.

Thoughts from Fr. Ryan

Congratulations to Aidan & Emmy Lu! This time of year is all about firsts and lasts, the old and the new and change. The psychologist Carl Jung used the word “liminality” to describe that edge-place where a single moment ties together two distinct phases of life. He prescribes thinking about and talking about “liminal moments” as a key part of successful psychotherapy. As Christians, it’s so good to stop and consider liminal moments in our own pasts as we experience liminal moment with our kids, grandkids, family and friends.

As Aidan and Emmy Lu look to their future, they do so with keen awareness that many of their relationships are about to change in a drastic way. Friendships which have been essential and marked by daily conversations will organically become more like acquaintances. New friends in Baton Rouge and College Station will take their place. New ideas and perspectives will open. Some will be good and some will have to be set aside in the years to come. Family ties will be tested - a text isn’t the same as a call or a hug or a meal shared. Relationships to sisters and brothers will change.

And while that’s going to be most intense for the families of our graduates, it’s also an opportunity for the rest of us to look within. Are we appreciating what we have? Are we on the lookout for the Lord at work in our lives giving us new perspectives or challenges? Can we put ourselves back in those moments of transition and allow the Lord to speak to us through them?

The other big shift that comes to a smaller town like ours with graduation is that our community shrinks a little. Like so many towns in the rural US, most of our kids aren’t going to be living in Tallulah after college. Some will come back to the family business, but most will move away and set up shop in a city with more job opportunities or where they’ve established connections through their time in college.

For St. Edward, that means two fewer altar servers and two fewer young leaders and young readers. This is a good time for us to ask ourselves what we can do to help keep our little Catholic community functioning. Are you a lector? Are your kids servers? Are you able to help us out with some office work? Are you able to help us with certain kinds of projects, so long as the timing is flexible for you? Are you able to help with the Sacred Liturgy or the choir?

In a community like ours, money is important to be sure, but, just like TA, involvement and the investment of time and creativity is the real driving force. And so I would ask that we all add a little question to our daily prayers: “Lord, are you directing me or guiding me toward some specific gift that I can offer to St. Edward? Is there something which I can uniquely offer to the Church?” If the Lord responds with something big or small, trust in that response. Perhaps its something as simple as organizing visits to the sick or something as complex as transitioning our office procedures to a fully decentralized online system… Only God knows!

Calendar of Events

  • Confessions every Fri & Sat from 5p until Mass at 5:30p and on Sun from 9a until 9:30a Mass
  • Pastoral Council meeting monthly on the third Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass
  • Sunday Morning Catechism in the Hall after the 9:30a Mass unless otherwise indicated

  • May 12 Mass honoring our high school Seniors - 9:30 a.m. Mass - reception following

  • May 15 Wednesday Evening Catechism - "The Encouragement of the Truth"
  • May 21 Pastoral Council Meeting – Parish Hall – following 5:30 p.m. Mass
  • June 23 Second Quarter Potluck Social following 9:30 a.m. Mass in Church Hall. Plan to attend

For Your Information:

SENIORS the 9:30 a.m. Mass this weekend. Please join in a Reception honoring our TA graduates, Aidan Collins and Emmy Lu Marsh... and celebrate with them, their parents, Kendra and Dave and Ginny and Billy, and family!

!! MASS ON SUNDAY, MAY 19 AT 11:15AM !!

Saturday Mass at Regular Time - 5:30PM

Due to illness, a priest scheduled to offer a special Mass in south Louisiana has asked Fr. Ryan to offer the Mass for him (it’s a Traditional Latin Mass - so it’s harder to find fill-in priests). Fr. Peter K will be here at 11:15am to offer our regular Sunday Mass. Our Saturday Mass will be as normal at 5:30p.

As mentioned before, from June through September, Fr. Peter K will be out of the country and Fr. Ryan will have all the Masses at both of his Churches as well as here at St. Edward. That schedule will be:

Sat. 4pm - Waterproof Sat. 6pm - Tallulah Sun. 9am - Tallulah Sun. 11:15am - St. Joseph

PASTORAL COUNCIL..will hold its regular meeting on TUESDAY, MAY 21, at 6:00 p.m (after 5:30 p.m. Mass) in the Church Center. Appointed members of the Council: Josephine Hodge, Michael Lancaster, Ginny Marsh, Terry Murphy, Beth Sullivan and Blanche Wilks. Appointed as Trustees by the Bishop are Brian Johnson and Dale Magoun. Appointed by the pastor to serve as Finance Council Chair is Darryl Ellerbee. Additionally, serving on the Council in an ex-officio capacity as President of the Altar Society will be Cathy VanderVieren. All members are requested to make special effort to attend. Parishioners are encouraged to attend contribute to the discussions.

SECOND QUARTER POTLUCK SOCIAL … June 23 following 9:30 a.m. Mass. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.
Second Quarter (April, May, June) Social Committee - Pat and Libby Bullard, Elizabeth Crothers, Angel Farlow, Margaret and Pat Gilfoil, MaryAnne Gilfoil, Terry and Andy Hall, Isabell Hernandez, Ann Keene, Alyce and C.W. Keene, Frances Kennedy, Andy Nguyen, Bobby Reynolds, Jim and Frances Roemer, Joe Storey, Delia Trichell, and Cathy VanderVieren, Len Faustino, Jeanie Yabut

FLOWERS ON THE HIGH ALTAR… last week’s lovely flowers were given by Margo Corulla honoring the First Communion class which included her granddaughter, Evelyn Grace Kivett. This week’s flowers are given by the Ladies Altar Society honoring all Mothers and our graduating Seniors.

SAINTS ALIVE...ANGELS AT WORK… Our thanks to everyone who assisted in making last Sunday’s First Communion and Reception so very special for our children and their families


Our Return to the Lord

  • Weekly Budget FY 2018-19 $1,917
  • April Budget $7,668
  • April Income $9,832
  • April Expenses $7,671
  • May Budget $7,668
  • Collection May 4/5 $2,504
  • May Income to Date $2,504

Stewardship “Paul and Barnabas encountered both violent rejection and joyful acceptance of the message that they preached. We, too, may meet with mixed reactions when we use our gifts in the service of God. But, the Gospel assures us, the reward for those who follow faithfully is eternal life.

Mass Schedule & Intentions for the Coming Week

  • Sat 5:30p In memory of Fred Wyly (birth on 12th)/Magoun
  • Sun 9:30a Pro Populo for the Living & Deceased members of our Parish
  • Mon NO MASS
  • Tues 5:30p In memory of Joe Scurria/Lancaster
  • Wed 5:30p In memory of Billy Hodge/Bullard
  • Thurs 9:00a In memory of May DiTomasso Olive Branch
  • Fri 5:30p In memory of
  • Sat 5:30p In memory of Becky Lancaster/Laurent
  • Sun 11:15a Pro Populo for the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family

ALTAR CANDLES this week are burning in memory of Becky Lancaster

Assistants at Holy Mass

  • 5/11 5:30p
    • Lector: MA Gilfoil
    • EMHCs: A Farlow & L Bullard
  • 5/12 9:30a
    • Servers: C Marsh/H Ellerbee
    • Lector: D Ellerbee
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins
  • 5/18 5:30p
    • Lector: M Rome
    • EMHCs: P & M Gilfoil
  • 5/19 11:15a
    • Servers: W Sullivan/C Wood
    • Lector: P Collins & M Wood
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins
  • 5/25 5:30p
    • Lector: A Farlow
    • EMHCs: C VanderVieren & L Bullard
  • 5/26 9:30a
    • Servers: P Collins/M Wood
    • Lector: A Oliver
    • EMHCs: N & M Ernst

Let us Rejoice in the Lord!

Happy Birthday Mary Anne Gilfoil (May 13), Eddie Mills (May 14), Dale Magoun (May 15)

In Our Daily Prayers…

Our Holy Father Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI; our Diocesan leaders, our President, Governor, Mayor and national, state and local elected representatives

Our parishioners who are sick, shut-in, or otherwise in need of our prayers: Pat Bullard, Connie Copes, Elizabeth Crothers, Susan Gilfoil, Josephine Hodge, Bill Kennedy, Dale & Louise Magoun, Ed Mills, Kathleen Mills, Sue & Mike Rome and Delia Trichell

Those under full-time care: Frances Kennedy, Sue Scurria, Jim Farrell of Vicksburg, Sharon HaMnsen of Gonzales, Consuelo Marsh of Lake Providence, Jean Cantrell, Marie Cedotal, Geneva Russell

Our friends and relatives who need our prayers: Lee Adams (Smith), Ashley Weimer Alexander (Regan), Pam Amacker (Gilfoil), Jenna Faye Allen (Florence), Margaret Baker (Magoun), Marie Farlow Bellard, Hattie Brown (Lancaster), Jerry Bullard, Colton Bullock (Farlow), Richard Chappuis (Johnson), Kay Collins, Karen Cobb, Jackie Daniels (Lancaster), Carol Dipert (Rome), Carole Ducote (Lancaster), Joe Farlow, Mike Farlow, JoAnn Phillips Finn (Hodge), Thom Gilfoil, Charlotte Green, Kathy Garley Hanlon (Gilfoil), Cooper Harris (R Wood), Bo Holloway, Diane Johnson (Johnson), Jeannie Kivett, Ben Lenhart (G Marsh), LaLa Lopez (Hernandez), Michelle McGuire (Gilfoil), Mathieu family in Delhi (Wilks), Tobie McKowen (Wilks), Keith Melancon (Regan), Tucker Melancon (Johnson), Lindsay Mills, Thomas Joseph O’Dowd (Army Ranger/Italy/M Scurria O’Dowd), Debbie Pettis (Rome), Sam and Betty Phillips (Hodge), Wayne Pitre (Gilfoil), Lee and Tiffney Rome, Dianne W. Roper (Murphy), Linda Sanchez (Wilks), Walter Scott, Andy Sevier, Spencer and Mary Sevier, Beverly Sibile (Gilfoil), Theresa Thom (Rome), Elaine and James Trimble (Rome), Adam Triplett (Reynolds), Teresa Vidrine (Wilks), Conner and Hudson Wood (nephews of Bart)

Our collegiates: Norman Ernst, Anna Ginn, Josh Hall, Chris Hall (USMC), Matt Hall (USArmy), Nick Hall, Kathleen Oliver, Maddie Oliver, Bailey Rome, Blake Sullivan, Lori Sullivan, Brice Wood

Those Catholics residing at Christian Acres, Louisiana Transitional Center for Women, and our local Detention Centers and for their families and loved ones.