St. Edward Parish Bulletin, Aug 13, 2017

St. Edward Parish Bulletin, Aug 13, 2017

From The Font

“A strong and heavy wind was rending the mountains and crushing rocks before the LORD — but the LORD was not in the wind.”

It has become all too common for people to point out some thing or happening and then to quote Genesis 1: “and the Lord said, it was very good.” Folks will try to canonize this or that natural phenomenon. They will try to claim that this behavior or that distortion is somehow good simply because it exists in nature… But God’s hand is NOT behind everything which we experience in the world. God is not the direct cause of everything. (Any professional philosophers will have some words to disagree here, but let’s leave those nuances for another day…) God does not cause every happening in our world. Human evil doesn’t come from God. “Natural Evil” (storms, plagues and volcanoes, for example) don’t come from God. God does, though, allow them to occur. And this is where we find ourselves needing a little nuance. God is good. God is love. So why, exactly, does a good and loving God who is also all-powerful, just sit back and let all sorts of nasty things happen?

The reply from the non-believer is that God isn’t real and the proof is that a natural, godless world would just stink sometimes… That idea, of course, fails to pass the logic test. The reply from the halfway believer is that God lets bad things happen as a kind of test or because of a lack of faith. That perspective has some serious problems as well.

The real truth is that God made us in His image and we sinned. The consequences of that reality are that God can either take away our free will - which means stripping us of His image within us - or He can use the suffering we endure to our spiritual gain and to the benefit of others. The limitation is ours, not God’s.

There are always going to be winds and earthquakes and fires… But the Lord is not likely to be in them. He is likely, though, to use them to our benefit in ways we cannot imagine. Evil is awful, but evil is a direct result of original sin. Our human limitedness means that sin has particular consequences which God has miraculously directed to our good despite both our limitations and our sin… God is truly good.

Thoughts from Fr. Ryan

School is almost upon us - Come Holy Spirit!! I actually love the school year. I’ve always loved the idea of consciously transitioning into a state of focus and attention. It’s such a human thing. With the school year comes our weekly youth catechism program which has been called CCD. In speaking with a lot of folks, I’ve found that our CCD program has one fatal flaw that no one has a good solution to: attendance. We’re all busy nowadays. Our families and the kids who make up our CCD groups are at the lake one weekend and at basketball practice the next Sunday. There are dances, clubs, study groups, vacations and a hundred other things that keep our kids from being present on Sunday here at St. Edward.

Sadly, these same things that keep us from consistent Sunday attendance here at St. Edward will keep us from consistent attendance on Wednesday or any other day of the week. We live is a busy culture and trying to find a regular time in which all of our kids can fit their faith into their schedule is basically impossible.

I don’t want to pretend that isn’t a problem. It’s a big, gigantic, oh-my-God problem that salvation and getting into heaven has to take a back seat to sports, sleepovers and study groups. But that problem isn’t new and it’s not going to be overcome by sheer force of will… SO. The solution I’ve devised has two parts. FIRST, I am asking that the head of each family in our parish make a solemn commitment before God and before the community to provide for the religious education of his or her kids. While the parish can’t reasonably find a time for everyone to meet, mom or dad can surely find one hour per week to sit with the kids either as a group or individually and provide for their religious education. This does two things for us. First, it puts education where it belongs - in the hands of the parent. And second, it shows the kids that mom and\or dad prioritize their faith. It’s important; it matters.

SECOND, I am going to provide simple, clear, age appropriate texts for parents to use in their one hour per week and I am going to provide coffee and donuts in the hall every weekend after Sunday Mass and explain that week’s lesson. I’m going to take questions and give you all you need to know to teach the lesson. My lessons will be short and specific. I don’t expect to speak for more than 15 minutes on any given Sunday (less if I can) and I intend to be here for you via phone or email if you have any questions or if junior has some questions. All in all, this model of instruction is going to be harder on all of us. It’s more challenging for you; it’s more challenging for me; it’s more challenging for the kids. It will not be a smooth transition. There will be some hiccups. But I hope that each of us is willing to give it a try. I hope that just as we’re willing to put in the time for sports and parties and dances, we’re willing to give one extra hour each week to the Lord in teaching our kids.

More info to come and everything will start officially in the middle of September.

Calendar of Events

  • Confessions every Wed, Fri & Sat from 5p until Mass at 5:30p and on Sun from 9a until 9:30a Mass
  • Pastoral Council meeting monthly on the third Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass
  • Altar Society meeting every other month on the second Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass

For Your Information:

CHANGE MASS SCHEDULE FOR AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER… Please mark your personal calendars for August and September when Father Ryan will be helping out at Waterproof and St. Joseph while Father Peter is on vacation. Our Masses for those months will be Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 9 a.m.

SOLEMNITY OF THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Tuesday, Aug. 15) is a Holy Day of Obligation. Due to Father Ryan’s responsibility for Father Peter’s parishes as well as for St Edward, we will have Mass on Tuesday at 9 a.m. (Olive Branch) and 5:30 p.m.

PASTORAL COUNCIL..will hold its regular meeting on TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, at 6:00 p.m(after 5:30 p.m. Mass) in the Church Center. All members are requested to make special effort to attend. Parishioners are encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussions.

STEWARDSHIP OF TIME/TALENT...If you would be interested in serving on the PASTORAL COUNCIL, please contact Father Ryan by text or phone and let him know of your willingness to serve if appointed.

The Voice of the Basket

  • Weekly Budget FY 2017-18 $1,905
  • July Budget $9,325
  • July Income (Reg $9,253; Bldg $760) $10,013
  • July Actual Expenses $9,763
  • August Budget $7,620
  • Collection August 6/7 $2,572
  • August Income to Date $2,572

Stewardship Elijah recognized the voice of God not in the strong and heavy wind,not in the earthquake, and not in the fire,but in a tiny whispering sound. May we find enough quiet in our clamorous world to hear His voice and discern what He is calling us to do and be.

Special Collection This weekend there is a special collection for the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa. Migration is one of the most dramatic challenges the Church must address in Africa. As the church in Ethiopia struggles to welcome thousands of refugees from neighboring countries, the pastoral care of this vulnerable population severely tests the meager pastoral resources and ecclesiastical structures.Your support helps provide activities to give refugees the space and support they need to pray and find their spiritual home.

Mass Intentions for the Coming Week

  • Sat 6:00p In memory of George Magoun/Family
  • Sun 9:00a Pro Populo For the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family
  • Mon No Mass
  • Tue 9:00a In memory of Gus Gremshell Olive Branch HOLY DAY
  • Tue 5:30p In memory of WayneMagoun/family HOLY DAY
  • Wed No Mass
  • Thu 5:30p In memory of C.L. Keene/family
  • Fri 5:30p In memory of Father Ferre/Mills & Thompson
  • Sat 6:00p In memory of Thomas Trichell (death anniversary)/family
  • Sun 9:00a Pro Populo For the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family

Altar Candles this week are provided by Margo Corulla

Assistants at Holy Mass

  • 8/12 6:00p
    • Lector: L Bullard
    • EMHCs: P & M Gilfoil
  • 8/13 9:00a
    • Servers: W Sullivan & A Collins
    • Lector: A Oliver
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins
  • 8/19 6:00p
    • Lector: A Farlow
    • EMHCs: MA Gilfoil & C VanderVieren
  • 8/20 9:00a
    • Servers: EL Marsh & C Marsh
    • Lector: B Sullivan
    • EMHCs: N & M Ernst
  • 8/26 6:00p
    • Lector: M Rome
    • EMHCs: P & B Wilks
  • 8/27 9:00a
    • Servers: C Donham & M Wood
    • Lector: B Sullivan
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins

Let us Rejoice in the Lord!

Happy Birthday Teri W Brown (Aug 17), Kim Donham (Aug 19), Elizabeth Crothers (Aug 21)

Happy Anniversary Becky and Michael Lancaster (Aug 14), Shannon and Bart Wood (Aug. 15), Louise and Dale Magoun (Aug 25)

In Our Daily Prayers…

Our Holy Father Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI; our Bishop David and Bishop-Emeritus Ronald. Our President, our Governor, our Mayor and our national, state and local elected representatives.

Our parishioners who are sick, shut-in, or otherwise in need of our prayers: Pat Bullard, Connie Copes, Elizabeth Crothers, Susan Gilfoil, Billy Hodge, Juanita Storey, Bill Kennedy, Becky and Michael Lancaster, Dale Magoun, Kathleen Mills, Sue Rome, and Delia Trichell.

Our parishioners who are under full-time care: Frances Kennedy, Andrew Lombardo, Sue and Joe Scurria. Also, Jim Farrell and James Speyerer of Vicksburg, Consuelo Marsh of Lake Providence, and Jean Cantrell, Geneva Russell.

Our friends and relatives who need our prayers: Lee Adams (Smith), Ashley Weimer Alexander (Regan), Jenna Faye Allen (Florence), Margaret Baker (Magoun), Marie Farlow Bellard, Ruthie Boudreaux (Storey), Hattie Brown (Lancaster), Jerry Bullard, Colton Bullock (Farlow), Richard Chappuis (Johnson), Jackie Daniels (Lancaster), Kyle and Marti Dukes Dill, Carol Dipert (Rome), Reba Duncan, Renee Edwards and parents (VanderVieren), George Eisworth family (Dyer), Pat Fairchild, Joe Farlow, Matt Farlow, Betina Finlayson, Madge and Don Finney (Dyer), Tracy Jones Fortenberry (Donham), Thom Gilfoil, Kathy Garley Hanlon (Gilfoil), Cooper Harris (R Wood), Alan Henley (Copes), Rudy Hernandez (Hodge), Monroe Hill (K Dukes), Bo Holloway, Lou Horath (Hernandez), Diane Johnson (Johnson), Jim Johnson(Dyer), Ben Lenhart (G Marsh), LaLa Lopez (Hernandez), Will and Michelle (MS) McGuire (Gilfoil), Paul Meeks, Keith Melancon (Regan), Tucker Melancon (Johnson), Julia Moberly, Lindsay Mills, Debbie Mullin (Dyer), Wanda Murphy (Terry), Austin Parker (Wilks), Addison Petracca (S Marsh), Debbie Pettis (Rome), Wayne Pitre (Gilfoil), Dana Rogers (Dyer), Bailey Rome, Lee Rome, Tiffney Rome, Dianne W. Roper (Murphy), Linda Sanchez (Wilks), Andy Sevier, Chon Shiers and Deborah Shiers Stewart (Hall), Beverly Sibile (Gilfoil), Bob Thomas (Bullard), Lazette Thomason (Dyer), David Thompson (Wilks), Elaine Trimble (Rome), Rusty White (Bullard), Jeremy Wilkins and family(Afghanistan), Conner and Hudson Wood (nephews of Bart)

Our collegiates: Ethan Beene, Courtney Ernst, Norman Ernst, Anna Ginn, Matt Hall, Nick Hall, Chris Hall, Kathleen Oliver, Maddie Oliver, Blake Sullivan, Lori Sullivan, Brice Wood

The repose of the soul of Marie Phillips Michelle, sister of Josephine Hodge, who was buried in the Dallas area this week

Those Catholics residing at Christian Acres, Louisiana Transitional Center for Women, and our local Detention Centers and for their families and loved ones.