St. Edward Bulletin, Oct 29, 2017

St. Edward Bulletin, Oct 29, 2017

From The Font

“When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together…”

In the current culture, the Church is seen as a threat to the globalist “mainstream” of politics. But, Why? The Church commands no army. Catholics in the US and Europe are in decline. The moral authority of the papacy is not what it was twenty years ago. Bishops do not tell their people how to vote. In fact, most bishops don’t weigh in on politics much at all. So why is the Church such a unique threat? And, in extension to that question, why did the Pharisees see Jesus as such a potent threat to them?

The answer lies in a reality of the human person. Despite what some folks might argue, human beings are powered by principle. It may not always seem like it. In fact, it may seem the opposite… But people are fueled by what they believe, even if that belief is that moral principles don’t matter. The LGB crowd exists only because people in the mainstream have come to believe that moral principles should not matter. Abortion, like slavery before it, exists only because ordinary people believe that life is about “looking out for number one.” The Pharisees believed strongly that their form of legalism was “better” (whatever that means) for “the people” (whatever that means) than the spiritual-moral teaching of Jesus. And so, Jesus was a real threat to them and their efforts.

Modern political globalists believe strongly that materialism can replace Christianity generally and Catholicism specifically as the foundation of society. Note that Catholicism specifically is the real foundation of Western Culture. Catholicism, as opposed to the Bible Christianity of Protestantism, sees the physical world and the spiritual world inseparable connected. Protestant Christians are content to have their private relationship with God. Catholics, though, must have a public religious life. Think about how political people shift the language of the first Amendment from “Freedom of Religion” to “Freedom of Worship” - one is public, the other is private… The Catholic Church is, actually, the only entity in the world capable of saving the West.

Only our philosophical ideas can answer the craziness of modern political errors. That’s why the Church is such a threat to political folks. Despite our apparent weakness as an institution, our ideas still have consequences and our Head, Jesus Christ, is still the Lord of all. The Pharisees saw this same reality while less aware people only saw a hippy preacher and supposed miracle worker. They knew the threat Jesus posed while others were just looking for a cure and an interesting encounter.

Much of our struggle today is just an updated version of His struggle then. Judaism was in collapse. Legalism had taken over. The Romans has defiled the temple. There was little visible hope for the future of Judaism and into this politically charged scene comes Jesus whom the Pharisees recognize is their real threat.

I say all this to encourage us not to misread the current situation. It would seem that family values are all but dead in our society. It would seem that the Church is on life support and that there’s no real forward direction to move. It would seem, in a word, hopeless. That perception is wrong. Our Church is in decline in the US, but that’s not because we have nothing to offer, it’s because we’ve mangled our priorities. For fifty years, we as Catholics have hidden what we have and covered it with a cheap imitation of Protestant Christianity. We’ve hidden our beautiful, ancient rituals behind a veil of Sunday Mass as casual as possible.

We’ve replaced the long-tested and well-proven Baltimore Catechism with art projects and discussion circles for our kids. We’ve reduced our parish lay organizations (the Catholic Daughters, the Holy Name Societies, the Militia Immaculata) which were the talk of the Second Vatican Council with parishes centered on the personality of the pastor… In short, we’ve traded in Catholicism for something much more Methodist.

What’s fascinating is that where these trade-ins are unmade, the Church grows like a flower in the desert. Parishes like St. John Cantius in the Chicago ghetto flourish with traditional liturgies, politically incorrect sermons and rote catechesis. Despite the constant refrain from secular and Catholic news, where the Catholic Faith is lived and taught clearly as it has been for centuries, there is no need of complicated planning or stewardship campaigns. Parishes like St. Patrick’s in New Orleans thrive despite having no local community to draw from because people are willing to travel. And St. Patrick’s isn’t some enclave that time forgot. Most Masses there are in English. But the preaching, the architecture, the teaching are clear and Catholic. What’s more, no one is apologizing for what they believe. Catholics oppose contraception, abortion, LGB “issues”, euthanasia and big government. Folks go to confession often. They only receive Holy Communion in a state of grace. They pray and they socialize. And it works. It works in a big way.

As Jesus made clear to the Pharisees, He didn’t have to play their game on their terms...

Calendar of Events

  • Confessions every Wed, Fri & Sat from 5p until Mass at 5:30p and on Sun from 9a until 9:30a Mass
  • Pastoral Council meeting monthly on the third Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass
  • Altar Society meeting every other month on the second Tuesday after the 5:30p Mass
  • Sunday Morning Catechism in the Hall after the 9:30a Mass unless otherwise indicated
  • Oct 29 - Sunday Cathechism (for adults & kids) following Mass (about 10:30 a.m.) - Church Hall.
  • Nov 1 - All Saint’s Day - HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION - Anticipated Mass on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Church; Mass of Day at Olive Branch at 9 a.m. and at Church at 5:30 p.m.
  • Nov 2 - All Soul’s Day - Blessing of graves at Memorial Park Cemetery at 12:15 p.m. - Mass at Silver Cross Cemetery at 5:30 p.m.
  • Nov 3 - First Friday - Mass and Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - 5:30 p.m.
  • Nov 4 - First Saturday - Mass and Holy Hour honoring our Blessed Mother - 8:30 a.m.
  • Nov 5 - Fall Potluck Brunch and Parade of Saints - 4th Quarter Committee -- following Mass
  • Nov 19 - Joint Thanksgiving Service hosted by St. Edward Catholic Church -- 6:30p

For Your Information:

FALL SOCIAL AND PARADE OF SAINTS...November 5 following Sunday Mass….Fourth Quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec) Social Committee- Todd and Daphne Beene, Dorothy Dyer, Leslye Ellerbee, Monique Florence, Susan and Johnny Gilfoil, Sherry Lynn and Timmy Harris, Josephine Hodge, Michael and Becky Lancaster, Dale and Louise Magoun, Billy and Ginny Marsh, William and Sharyn Marsh, Sug Regan, Skeeter and Blanche Wilks, Don Wood, Robert Wood, Edward and Margaret Yerger, Len Faustino, Jeanie Yabut

ALL SAINTS a HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION… In order to afford opportunity for all to attend Mass, we will have an anticipated Mass on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in church, a Mass on the day at 9 a.m. at The Olive Branch and at 5:30 p.m. in church.

ALL SOUL’S DAY… Blessing of graves at Memorial Park Cemetery will be at 12:15 p.m. Mass at 5:30 p.m.will be held in Silver Cross cemetery (weather permitting).

ANGEL TREE…Although it is a little early in the season to be talking about Christmas, we are making plans for our Angel Tree program and need to know from our parishioners if they are aware of families with children who might need assistance to make the children’s Christmas better. Dana Dukes will be giving leadership to the program and needs your help. Dana plans to identify families, obtain sizes and other information and have all of the needs identified by the Sunday following Thanksgiving. On that day, there will be a tree set up in the Church Hall with individual needs so that you may pick out children for whom you wish to shop. More information to come … for now contact Dana as soon as possible to tell her of families with need.

SHARED THANKSGIVING SERVICE… St Edward will host a Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. and several other local churches will be sharing the service. Reverend Henry Stone, First United Methodist Church, Tallulah will deliver the message of Thanks. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend

The Voice of the Basket

  • Weekly Budget FY 2017-18 $1,917
  • September Budget $7,668
  • September Income (Reg $6,538; Bldg $370) $6,908
  • September Actual Expenses $8,841
  • October Budget $9,585
  • Collection Oct 21/22 $1,381
  • October Income to Date $8,869

Stewardship We fulfill the commandment to love our neighbor when we exercise good stewardship--joyfully sharing our gifts of life, abilities, and resources to meet our neighbor’s need.

Mass Intentions for the Coming Week

  • Sat 5:30p In honor of St Jude/Magoun
  • Sun 9:30a Pro Populo For the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family
  • Mon No Mass
  • Tue 5:30p In memory of Paul VanderVieren
  • Wed 9:00a In memory of Rosa Gremshell Olive Branch
  • Wed 5:30p Pro Populo For the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family
  • Thu 5:30p Pro Populo For the Deceased members of our Parish Family
  • Fri 5:30p In memory of Marie Johnson (birth on 6th)/family
  • Sat 8:30a For Father Ryan’s Special Intention
  • Sat 5:30p In memory of Donald Trichell/family
  • Sun 9:30a Pro Populo For the Living & Dead members of our Parish Family

Altar Candles this week are provided by Monique Florence

Assistants at Holy Mass

  • 10/28 5:30p
    • Lector: MA Gilfoil
    • EMHCs: A Farlow & L Bullard
  • 10/29 9:30a
    • Servers: W Sullivan & A Collins
    • Lector: B Sullivan
    • EMHCs: N Ernst & M Ernst
  • 11/4 5:30p
    • Lector: P Gilfoil
    • EMHCs: M Rome & C VanderVieren
  • 11/5 9:30a
    • Servers: EL & C Marsh
    • Lector: A Oliver
    • EMHCs: B Smith & K Collins
  • 11/11 5:30p
    • Lector: A Farlow
    • EMHCs: L Magoun & M A Gilfoil
  • 11/12 9:30a
    • Servers: C Donham & M Wood
    • Lector: P Wilks
    • EMHCs: B Wilks & A Keene

Let us Rejoice in the Lord!

Happy Birthday Don Wood (Nov 1), Jason Trichell (Nov 5) Happy Anniversary Libby and Pat Bullard (Oct 29), Stephenie and Lance Marsh (Nov 6)

In Our Daily Prayers…

Our Holy Father Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI; our Bishop David Talley and Bishop-Emeritus Ronald Herzog. Our President, our Governor, our Mayor and our national, state and local elected representatives, our family and friends

Our parishioners who are sick, shut-in, or otherwise in need of our prayers: Pat Bullard, Connie Copes, Elizabeth Crothers, Susan Gilfoil, Billy Hodge, Bill Kennedy, Brian and Natalie Kneipp, Becky and Michael Lancaster, Dale Magoun, Kathleen Mills, Sue Rome, Juanita Storey, and Delia Trichell.

Our parishioners who are under full-time care: Frances Kennedy, Andrew Lombardo, Sue and Joe Scurria. Also, Betsy & Jim Farrell and James Speyerer of Vicksburg, Consuelo Marsh of Lake Providence, and Jean Cantrell, Geneva Russell.

Our friends and relatives who need our prayers: Lee Adams (Smith), Ashley Weimer Alexander (Regan), Jenna Faye Allen (Florence), Margaret Baker (Magoun), Marie Farlow Bellard, Ruthie Boudreaux (Storey), Hattie Brown (Lancaster), Jerry Bullard, Colton Bullock (Farlow), Richard Chappuis (Johnson), Jackie Daniels (Lancaster), Carol Dipert (Rome), Reba Duncan, Renee Edwards and parents (VanderVieren), George Eisworth family (Dyer), Joe Farlow, Matt Farlow, Mike Farlow, Betina Finlayson, Madge and Don Finney (Dyer), Tracy Jones Fortenberry (Donham), Thom Gilfoil, Kathy Garley Hanlon (Gilfoil), Cooper Harris (R Wood), Alan Henley (Copes), Rudy Hernandez (Hodge), Bo Holloway, Lou Horath (Hernandez), Diane Johnson (Johnson), Jim Johnson(Dyer), Ben Lenhart (G Marsh), Megan and Jim Lensing (Gilfoil), LaLa Lopez (Hernandez), Will and Michelle (MS) McGuire (Gilfoil), Paul Meeks, Keith Melancon (Regan), Tucker Melancon (Johnson), Julia Moberly, Lindsay Mills, Debbie Mullin (Dyer), Wanda Murphy (Terry), Austin Parker (Wilks), Addison Petracca (S Marsh), Debbie Pettis (Rome), Wayne Pitre (Gilfoil), Dana Rogers (Dyer), Bailey Rome, Lee Rome, Tiffney Rome, Dianne W. Roper (Murphy), Linda Sanchez (Wilks), Andy Sevier, Chon Shiers and Deborah Shiers Stewart (Hall), Beverly Sibile (Gilfoil), Kelly Southern (Wilks), Lazette Thomason (Dyer), David Thompson (Wilks), Elaine Trimble (Rome), Teresa Vidrine (Wilks), Conner and Hudson Wood (nephews of Bart)

Our collegiates: Ethan Beene, Courtney Ernst, Norman Ernst, Anna Ginn, Matt Hall, Nick Hall, Chris Hall, Kathleen Oliver, Maddie Oliver, Blake Sullivan, Lori Sullivan, Brice Wood