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Logroño is located on the Ebro River and is the capital of the now-famous wine producing province of La Rioja. The population of the city in 2008 was 153,736.

Logroño was an old settlement, first of the Romans, under the name of Vareia, a commercial port, and then of the Celts. From the 10th century, possession of Logroño was disputed between the kings of Navarre and those of Castile; the region was finally annexed to Castile. The name is a combination of le and Groin, mashed together as Logroño over time. Alfonso VI of Castile granted Logroño in 1095 a charter of rights that served as a model for other Spanish cities.

Of Interest

There are over 50 taperías (tapas restaurants) located within a four-block area near the town center. The traditional tapas restaurants often serve only one kind of tapa (such as "seta" - a mushroom torte). Thus, every meal ends up being a pub crawl. The Basque word for Tapas is pintxo (pron. "Pinch-O") in Basque - meaning one serving.